Juan Hernandez is right! There is nothing less rational than the entrenched American opposition to immigration, particularly from Mexico. Immigration is vital for America's future for many good reasons:

- Immigration keeps us young 

​-Immigration helps protect our pension systems

-Immigration improves our quality of life

-Immigration is the best anti-poverty program

We need to stop thinking with our prejudices and begin looking at our real self-interest. Let's remember that all but a handful of we Americans came from families that came from somewhere else!


                                                                                          -Dick Morris

​                                                                                                 Author and Television Political Analyst

In contrast to those who promote building walls between Mexico and the U.S., The New American Pioneers is an authoritative, in depth look at the complex issues related to Mexican immigration. The author skillfully presents the readily verifiable facts as opposed to bias, hysteria, and special interests. This book enlightens our minds with facts and touches our hearts with stories told by the immigrants themselves.

The New American Pioneers