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Meet the Middle Man

Can a former Mexican cabinet minister steer Texas Republicans into the future?

Four weeks before the 2008 presidential election, Juan Hernandez flew from Washington, D.C., to Phoenix for an interview on the Spanish-language news channel Univision. A charismatic public speaker and cheerleader for the Republican cause, Hernandez had been candidate John McCain’s Hispanic outreach director for 14 months. “I’d left my home and family in Fort Worth, not even thinking about how I was going to make money for the next year, because I would be working as a volunteer,” he recalls. “I was living in a cheap hotel called the Americana so that I could work out of the Washington, D.C., headquarters and be there every morning for the 7:30 strategy meetings.”

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The New American Pionners


"Juan Hernandez is right! There is nothing less rational than the
entrenched American opposition to immigration, particularly from Mexico. Should we build a wall of the border between Mexico and the U.S. dividing us from our friends, our neighbors, our family? In contrast to those who promote building walls between Mexico and the U.S., The New American Pioneers is an authoritative, in depth look at the complex issues related to Mexican immigration. The author skillfully presents the readily verifiable facts as opposed to bias, hysteria, and special interests. This book enlightens our minds with facts and touches our hearts with stories told by the immigrants themselves."

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Peguémosle a la piñata de Trump

(CNN Español) - Cuando viajo a Pana...

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Juan Hernandez on CNN Espanol


Here is link
to last short debate With Mar...
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¿Quién ganó el Súper Martes??

Blog for CNNE 7 de marzo, 2012 ¿Quién ganó el ?Súper Martes?? Para empezar, recordemos que hubo cinco candidatos en Estados Unidos compitiendo por votos durante el Súper Martes -- Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul y . Obama.


Dentro de los Republicanos hubo ganancias y pérdidas: Mitt Romney, el republicano que sigue punteando en las encuestas nacionales, no pudo ganar tan rotundamente como hubiera querido en las primarias de...

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